Ban on Cash and Coming US Digital Dollar

Ban on Cash and Coming US Digital Dollar

The Ban On Cash Is Here Now !!!

George Gammon Warns of the Coming US Digital Dollar and Ban on Cash

Sep 24, 2020

George Gammon warns that a digital dollar and a ban on cash is coming as the Fed has backed itself into a corner and needs another way to increase the money supply. George and Jason Hartman discuss the economy, inflation, deflation, US debt, and why George recommends hard assets like real estate. 0:00 Introduction to George Gammon 1:00 George reports from St. Barts 8:04 Jason opens a discussion on Japanonomics 9:00 The US deficit just this year will be the same as the total amount of debt accumulated from 1776 to 2000. 12:37 George talks about the trade surplus 15:24 US government spending is over 50% of GDP 16:37 How did pandemic change the US savings rate? 19:24 How has the savings rate been manipulated based on IRS’ estimates.? 22:23 Why deflation is good (especially for the poor and middle class) 23:48 The Fed announced they will no longer react to forecasts of inflation 25:40 Who actually ‘owns’ the Fed? 30:20 In a truly free market, one is always trying to create a product that has more value than the money in your pocket. 32:27 Where do you think these interest rates are going? 33:11 The Fisher Equation 39:29 Is inflation necessary? 40:49 The shortage of coins in the United States 41:31 Why the government would ban cash and create a digital currency 46:50 Be prepared or you’re going to be a victim 47:46 Be cautious about urban real estate 50:46 What is Rebel Capitalist Pro? Learn More: Listen to the podcast: Have questions or topics you want me to do a video on? Let us know in the comments below. If you love real estate investing, SUBSCRIBE! #digitaldollar #georgegammonBan on Cash and Coming US Digital Dollar

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