Global Digital Currency

The Coming Mark Of The Beast

Deception always appears reasonable. It’s always camouflaged in a desirable offer or package. The “mark of the beast will appear reasonable when introduced.

#BanCash #Dystopia #BigBrother

Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED!

Government digital currency/cash ban 👉INTEL YOU NEED TO KNOW!👈 I think the probability is high the US moves to a government backed digital currency in the future. From the governments position it makes too much sense to ignore. A government backed digital currency gives them and the Federal Reserve COMPLETE CONTROL over spending, money supply, inflation, and your life. If that sounds alarmist you haven’t thought this through well enough.

Bill Gates Patent 666 We All Knew This Was Coming..

Bill Gates Microsoft patent 060606. Mark of the beast on the horizon.

The One World Digital Currency (MARK OF THE BEAST) has arrived.

Will you submit? Will you be forced to submit against your will?

#id2020 #bitcoin #crypto WARNING! Digital IDs Will Be Forced On YOU SOON! Why!?

Are you ready for your Identity to go Digital!? The Digital ID, which will allow you global freedom, is being constructed as we speak! ID2020 backed by Microsoft and the Rockefellers are leading this charge. What will it look like? In a vaccine? Quantum dot tattoo? Or maybe just a phone application!?The world is rapidly changing & going digital at an unprecedented pace & your identity is going along for the ride!


Recent Articles tell us that Bill Gates & others are supporting microchip implantation. Should Christians be bothered? What’s the truth, watch this video and learn how we are approaching the end times.

I Found The Mark of The Beast 666 (CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM)

WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA Share and like this video…. This needs to get out there…..

George Orwell and 1984: How Freedom Dies

A good intro to Orwell’s book “1984”. The chilling thing is how much we have moved toward the premise of the book (written in 1948).

Using Coronavirus Pandemic To Create One World Currency​

Could this whole Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic have been partially created to bring in a One World Digital Currency?

The article below was written before the Global Financial Meltdown caused by the pandemic (which we believe to be man-made and hugely hyped using the mainstream news media).

An End To Paper Money?

It’s no secret that governments are eager to eliminate cash. Part of the reason is that it would enable them to devalue their currencies faster.

That’s precisely why, as the calls to eliminate cash grow louder, we’ve seen a massive increase in currency creation and inflation all around the world.


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