How Financial System Works

The Dark History Of The Fed

The Dark History Of The Fed What You Must Know To Understand The Global Money System In order to understand why The Globalist Money Cartel must now bring in THE GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY, it is necessary to know the History of Money and The Creation Of The Federal Reserve Who Controls All of Our Money? ColdFusionCheck […]

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Future Of Global Finance

Future Of Global Finance The Coming Global Banking Technocracy This Is The Key – (A Wake-Up) “There’s a new economy emerging driven by changes in technology, demographics and the environment. This economy requires a new finance. A new finance to serve the digital economy. A new finance with products that are more cost effective, better tailored, and more

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Ban Cash >>>End To Everything Bubble

Ban Cash >>>End To Everything Bubble Looks Like Graham Summers Sees The Future Of The Monetary System 01/24/2018 – The Roundtable Insight: Graham Summers On The Everything Bubble TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO  FRA: Hi welcome to FRA’s Roundtable Insight .. Today we have Graham Summers. He’s current president and chief market strategist of Phoenix Capital Research,

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