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The Coming Global New World Order Digital Currency


All indications are that the Global Banking Cartel will push for a Universal Global Digital Currency which will be designed for forced usage by every human being on earth

This website will constantly monitor the latest developments in Cryptocurrency Privacy

Bitcoin Adoption   

Privacy Cryptocurrencies  AIBC Summit at Davos 2020!


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 Zcoin | Bitcoin | Monero | Zcash

Crypto Privacy Coins 2018  Are they under threat?

Monero (XMR) | The Top Privacy Cryptocurrency? Fundamental Analysis with SWOT review

Privacy Coins 101 Overview of Privacy Tech in Cryptocurrency

Who Controls All of Our Money?

Is a global debt crisis coming? | CNBC Explains

Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined 

Jim Rogers Helps Decode Inflation vs. Deflation!

Jim Rogers reveals techniques 👉 YOU NEED TO KNOW 👈 to be a rockstar investor and predict macro events like whether the US economy will experience inflation or deflation, commodity prices, gold and silver prices, and of course stocks and bonds. Jim Rogers is one of the greatest investors/speculators in history and using his simple approach we can solve complex problems. Jim Rogers is well known for thinking outside the box to find huge returns in markets all over the world. But the same strategies that have made Jim Rogers famous can also improve your skills if you know how to apply them.

Government Digital Currency: Why You Should Be TERRIFIED!

Government digital currency/cash ban 👉INTEL YOU NEED TO KNOW!👈 I think the probability is high the US moves to a government backed digital currency in the future. From the governments position it makes too much sense to ignore. A government backed digital currency gives them and the Federal Reserve COMPLETE CONTROL over spending, money supply, inflation, and your life. If that sounds alarmist you haven’t thought this through well enough.

The Real Reason They Want To BAN CASH! (Shocking Insights Revealed)

“Central banks and governments want to eliminate cash. Why? 👉YOU’LL DISCOVER THE REASONS SO YOU CAN PREPARE! 👈 Have you ever imagined a cashless world and its consequences? Give it a thought because it’s not far from reality.The shocking part is that the real reason behind the intention to ban cash looks more like George Orwell’s’ 1984 novel than our desired progress paradise.

Alert 200% Proof The Elites Are Already Prepared For Global Currency Reset 2020 Economic Collapse

By the time the Fed finally took action to intervein and stop the economic collapse , it was already too late. It isn’t in the Fed’s interest to really cease this crash, it’s actually exactly what they’re going for – they designed all the necessary conditions to create this bubble and their goal now is to make it seem that they had done all they could to save the economy while they’re still plotting the final stroke on the bubble collapse: to hit the US dollar and its status as a global reserve currency.

Billionaire Ray Dalio Predicts NEW WORLD ORDER 🔥 2020 Stock Market Crash & Financial Crisis

 Robert Kyosaki and Jim Rikards among others have said pretty much the same thing over the past several years but have basically been mocked or ignored. We do not live in a TRUE Democracy, Socialism and Communism are on the rise and the whole time China has quietly and strategically revamped their entire country into a mega powerhouse.

The Next Global Depression 📉 CONFIRMED as IMF Predicts Worst Economic Fallout Happening in 2020

“We anticipate the worst economic fallout since the Great Depression,” — International Monetary Fund Managing Director, Kristalina Georgieva. BE READY!


We will do our best to help you prepare – while we prepare.

You will be involved in the most massive change in the Global Economy in history.

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We will do our best to help you prepare – while we prepare.

You will be involved in the most massive change in the Global Economy in history.

Join our mailing list for the latest updates

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