This can be a huge development – watch closely

URGENT!! PAYPAL COIN LAUNCH 2020!! [NOT CLICKBAIT] Secret Data Leaked, Bitcoin - Programmer explains

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✅ WATCH LIVE DAILY: 🚀 FREE CODING WEBINAR: 📈 Special altcoin event (free): ❤️ START TRADING (get great starter deals): ⏰TIMESTAMPS (thanks to Nate Lovell): Introduction- 0:00 Market Analysis and Some DeFi Talk- 3:49 Ivan on Tech Alts Email List- 8:23 Crypto Developer Webinar Shoutout- 8:54 KAVA Updates- 9:17 PayPal Situation Introduction- 9:36 The ‘Netscape Moment,’ 20 years on- 15:20 DEXes now easier than CEXs- 16:45 PayPal Told EU It Had Crypto Plans Back in March- 22:02 Macro Economic Perspective- 23:54 Iran Licenses 14 Bitcoin Mining Farms- 27:07 El Salvador Village Adopts Bitcoin as Money- 29:24 Plutus Overview- 32:11 IRS Agent Uses Crypto Referral Link- 36:33 Altcoin Email List- 39:05 Blockchain Developer Webinar- 39:32 Q&A- 39:41 Q1- do you know about some smart city promoting Crypto? 40:40 Q2- What do you think about Unibright? 42:32 Q3- How to take out profits when hyperinflation hits? 42:45 Q4- Do you think Cardano will go 10x this year? 43:40 Q5- Any updates on Bidao? 45:57 Q6- What do u think if USA creates second layer of money as limited supply USD crypto? 46:20 Q7- Is SwissBorg coming to the US? 47:19 Q8- Whats up with BAL? 47:33 Q9- Which one would be the best token for Gaming and Esport in your opinion? 50:03 Q10- what’s your opinion of Origin protocol? 56:20 Q11- Which decentralized stable coin on Uniswap u prefer to rest money for a while? 57:35

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