The End of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

The End of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

In Next 2 Years World Monetary System Will Change Drastically | Global Financial Reset

The Bitcoin Life Raft: The End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We Know It (w/ Raoul Pal)


Oct 19, 2020

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Reserve your spot for Real Vision Crypto launching soon… Real Vision CEO, Raoul Pal, breaks down the events leading to the recent tidal wave of interest in Central Bank Digital Currencies. He touches on the various crises that have encouraged the rampant printing by central banks and the destructive consequences this has left in its wake. Touting Bitcoin as the unkillable “cockroach of finance” and the life raft for this transitional period in history, Raoul sees CBDCs as the killer of stable coins and the start of a new era in the world of monetary and fiscal policy – the first major steps of technology eating the traditional finance world. Pal says that all of the macro signals are pointing towards a major shift in how the system is run. He cites the allowance of banking custody for crypto assets by regulators, major corporate treasuries investing in Bitcoin, and new types of banks, such as Kraken, all as pivotal events in the coming shift to a digital asset world. Filmed on October 18, 2020. Subscribe to our channel now for more videos like this one: Do you want even more content like this? And to see this video before we release it here? Become a member of Real Vision — get started for 30 days for only $1: About Real Vision™: Real Vision™ is where you can gain an understanding of the complex world of finance, business and the global economy with real in-depth analysis from real experts. Connect with Real Vision™ Online: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: The Bitcoin Life Raft: The End of Monetary & Fiscal Policy As We Know It (w/ Raoul Pal)… Disclaimer: This is pretty obvious, but we should probably say it anyway so that there is absolutely no confusion…The material in REAL VISION GROUP video programs and publications {collectively referred to as “RV RELEASES”} is provided for informational purposes only and is NOT investment advice. The information in RV RELEASES has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but Real Vision and its contributors, distributors and/or publisher, licensors, and their respective employees, contractors , agents, suppliers and vendors { collectively, “Affiliated Parties”} make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the content in RV RELEASES. Any data included in RV RELEASES are illustrative only and not for investment purposes. Any opinion or recommendation expressed in RV RELEASES is subject to change without notice. RV Releases do not recommend, explicitly nor implicitly, nor suggest or recommend any investment strategy. Real Vision Group and its Affiliated Parties disclaim all liability for any loss that may arise (whether direct indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or otherwise) from any use of the information in RV RELEASES. Real Vision Group and its Affiliated Parties do not have regard to any individual’s, group of individuals’ or entity’s specific investment objectives, financial situation or circumstance. RV RELEASES do not express any opinion on the future value of any security, currency or other investment instrument. You should seek expert financial and other advice regarding the appropriateness of the material discussed or recommended in RV RELEASES and should note that investment values may fall, you may receive less back than originally invested and past performances is not necessarily reflective of future performances. Well that was pretty intense! We hope you got all of that – now stop reading the small print and go and enjoy Real Vision.


Thank you for this Raoul!


David Gibson
Cool insight, I appreciate an opportunity to get such knowledge on how to make money, I look forward to trading bitcoin and making it an alternative source of income.


Edi G
Raoul, I keep hearing the same thing again and again “you can’t ban Bitcoin”. Yes, in theory, BUT (and this is the BUT no one has addressed) YOU CAN MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO BOTH STORE AND USE. A $10,000 fine if a BTC wallet is found on your phone, and, don’t tell me that can’t happen with how much data they already mine on our phones. Tell me convincingly how this can be circumvented, keeping in mind the most basic employment of quantum computing can completely trash any 256 bit encryption, and I’ll put 50% of my assets into btc. It’s a sincere question that needs addressing. I have heard no argument that properly addresses it. At this time, I see BTC as the “useful idiot” for a single global digital currency, it might do well for a while, but, like Gold, it is one law away from going to $0. Appreciate a sincere response. NB: I do hold both BTC and Gold, I’m not anti either, but I currently don’t see how a claim such as “you can’t ban Bitcoin” can stand. Cheers, Edi.

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John Anderson
I like the fact that this channel puts the aired date on the vlog so one knows when the information was originally issued.


Frank Jeffrey
Bitcoin trading right now will be at every wise individual’s list,in 3years you’ll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.


Bitcoin is the only “crypto” that matters. Period. End of story.


Daniel Haas
Your forgetting the war bud! Your forgetting about the tens of thousands of people that are about to DIE. gold 9 trillion market cap. crypto 244 billion market cap. us military spending 3.8 trillion fiscal year 2020. I don’t think America makes it. Let alone a financial system that runs on debt. You know who is going to profit the most? survivors!


Anirudha Bose
For those who missed, there’s a dog in the video.


Noah Demill
“Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we’ll hunt him. Because he can take it, because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight” -Raoul Pal on Bitcoin 23:36


Cameron Alexander
The Soviets have already tried a planned economy. Controlling everything from the price of thumb tacks, the distribution of Roubles, to the supply of cardboard boxes. With some of the smartest people in the world. (Boris Yeltsin was the cheif economist before becoming President). It’s never worked.


ariana victoria
I invested in both stock and crypto but I believe crypto is doing well better 💯


My fear is not for loss of money or property…that is already a done deal, and the theft will be completed soon enough through inflation, confiscation, and taxation; my real fear is that the associated controls established will provide boundless power to central governments who will soon enough begin their decent into the kind of despotism we are beginning to see unfold in China. Since when do despots leave anything more than scraps for their slaves?


As a subscriber to RV I’m happy and proud that such an important video is available to everyone. Thanks for your and team RV’s work, Raoul!


Given Entertainment
Bitcoin will be the new “cash” to tip the gardener!


Son of Hunnewell
Behavioural economics is essentially Centralized Planning of the economy. Forget free markets. Welcome to Marxism 2.0


john hunter
I love the 🐕 sleeping….he’s thinking “I wish he’d stop going on about Bitcoin, and take me walkies”


Count of Monte Crypto
The new CBCoin will evolve into an ‘allocation’ system when it gets a social credit score bolted on.


Alex F
This video was sponsored by Dogecoin


Simon Collins
Dealing with the central banks directly may cut out the middle men but it’s handing too much power to the central banks


Patrick Pretz
More govt is never the answer


744 748
@15:35 “..this is the rise of behavioural economics and incentive systems…” Hmmm, I’d rather say that this is the reincarnation of communism… 🤮 Gold and BTC won’t help. Only ONE thing helps, probably the very reason why you’re in Little Cayman: RUN!


patrick garant
so he bought while cheap and wants an increase in value.


I can’t see these buffoons coming up with absolutely anything of note. Usa will hold them on swift, until complet implosion.


Jerry Faircloth
How do we protect ourselves from governments disallowing exchanging fiat (or digital derivative of fiat) for bitcoin or gold. Similar to the gold confiscation in 1934. I like bitcoin but am worried about it being banned after the CB’s go to their digital currency.


Thanks for the free distribution!


BTC Stacker
“It will generate alpha” what does that mean?
Ross Calvin
Oh and ps, Raoul is an incredible success and a highly admirable man with a phenomenal business and RealVision has nothing at all to do with me. My comments EXCLUSIVELY my own.


Daniel Garniron
Actually Paypal is a payment system for bitcoin now… a centralised lightning… We have to make do with that for now


Phillip Maxwell
Central Bank digital currencies won’t solve the problem, because if a government gets in trouble they will just issue more digital currency, only if everyone uses the same digital currency like bitcoin , that can’t issue more coins will some of these problems go away
Pavel Hristov
I like the dog in the background. It looks interested in CBDC and banks.


Royce Jakob
Probably one of my favorite videos you’ve ever made Raoul. You’re the man!


Onofitu six
69 people who disliked this must be bankers😂😂😂


The banking and finance cartel is starting to become aware that their sector has bloated to Mr Creosote proportions (by discounting the vig into negative territory and making it up on volume), and so want to hide their gluttonous sins behind the fiscal balance sheet of the state. This will just bloat the size of sovereign budgets (handouts and subsidies) at the expense of what remains of the unencumbered private economy. It cannot end well after this point.
Long Tail of Finance
Crypto represents probably “the” best asymmetric payoff opportunity out there.


Pat U
It is my belief that the “controllers of this planet ” will squash any and all crypto in favor of their own. The possibilities for them to do so are endless.


Great. Thank you, Raoul- Bitcoin is a lifesaver. It represents the only opportunity I have in this life to realize a more secure and joyful future.


A complete loss of our freedom – too much of a Devil’s bargain; no thank you.


Rick ZW
another brilliant talk, Raoul Pal has an extraordinary rare gift to communicate and connecting with his listeners. He comes across as a very genuine man. Thanks


fallen angel
” that’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 😜🤫😂
Marcelo Pinheiro
Economists: “TedTalks, Bigdata behavior incentives, philosophical debates” Politicians: “Money printer goes Brrrrr” They will never listen, we are bound to repeat the same errors from the past over and over..


Doctor Euge
Sounds like a f…ing nightmare to me!


Nu Terra
Bitcoin is a public coin…Every one can see your transitions. Now Privacy coins like Monero, Dash, Zcash, Zcoin, Grim, Bytecoin, Super Zero, Horizen, Zen, Komodo, Verge, etc. are like cash and can’t be tracked. This is exactly what many people in Crypto use for privacy. Also is what the Dark Web uses for privacy, so you know it works.


The End of Monetary and Fiscal Policy
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