What If The Global Internet Is Down?

What If The Global Internet Is Down?

Stop And Think How Relient We All Are On The Global Internet

Here Is An Interesting Concept Working On A Solution

What If The Global Internet Is Down?

End Times Offline Network is the world’s first offline digital asset solution that uses radio frequencies to offer financial tools and alternative communications. What does that all mean? Find out in our review.

What is End Times Offline Network?

End Times Offline Network, found online at Endtimes.io, is an offline digital asset solution that uses cryptocurrencies and radio frequencies to provide financial tools and alternative communication methods.

Overall, Endtimes describes itself as the world’s first decentralized, radio powered network solution. In more straightforward terms, it’s an offline network that uses radio waves – the invisible waves all around us – to power secure communications and payments.

Today, we don’t use radio waves for mass communication. That’s because we have superior technologies like the internet. However, in emergency situations, the ability to use radio waves to connect to the network from any situation could be useful. If the internet disappears, or if there’s a mass power outage, then radio waves could be the emergency backup solution we need to keep the financial system and communication networks alive.

The goal of Endtimes is to create a more stable, disaster-resistant version of the internet. That means cryptocurrencies would still hold value if the entire internet gets shut down.

One of the drawbacks of cryptocurrencies is that they rely on the internet and electricity to function. Without the internet and electricity, most cryptocurrencies become unusable.

Obviously, End Times Offline Network is a very unique cryptocurrency project. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does End Times Offline Network Work?

The End Times Offline Network uses a process known as orbital angular momentum to create stable connection speeds in the range of 5 to 10 gigabits. This allows cryptocurrency networks to remain up and stable when their main networks go down.

Endtimes uses side chain technology to make offline transactions. The Endtimes network is compatible with bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and more.

You can also earn money through the Endtimes network by acting as a relay. As a relay, you facilitate the transmission of radio signals over long distances, then earn money in exchange for your services. You also don’t need to be an audio engineer or satellite communication specialist to earn these rewards: Endtimes claims you can earn these rewards with no technical ability required.

Users on the Endtimes network can participate in an offline exchange. That offline exchange includes a liquid exchange, margin trading, and a margin funding market.

Network transactions are transmitted via relays, then deployed via sidechain bridging to the main blockchain of the given cryptocurrency – like the main bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain.

Here’s the ultimate point of all of the features above: Endtimes has created a decentralized exchange platform that allows users without an internet connection to participate in an offline digital currency trading network.

There are two ultimate goals of the Endtimes network:

  • To provide an open framework where skilled developers can build applications to expand the usefulness of a radio powered network
  • To ensure cryptocurrencies retain their value and usability during emergency situations

The End Times Offline Network Relay Transfer Process

There are three different types of relays in the Endtimes network. Your relay’s status and range will affect the amount of money you can make:

  • Local: Data is distributed locally to users within a 50 mile radius ($)
  • National: Data is distributed nationally to users within a 3000 mile radius ($)
  • International: Data is distributed across the globe to users worldwide ($)

As a relay on the network, you can expect to earn a livable income. Endtimes emphasizes a passive income in exchange for maintaining the relay, and no technical experience is required. Overall, relays can expect to earn $0.03 to $0.05 per kB of data transferred:

  • Messages: 2kb in size ($)
  • Crypto Payments: 4kb in size ($)
  • Voice Transfer: Per minute communications of around 8kb ($)

Endtimes claims relays can expect to manage 1500 to 10,000 data transfers per hour, ranging in size from 2kb to 1MB. The average transfer will be about 5kb in size, or about $0.20. Based on these numbers, relays can make $300 to $2,000 per hour.

Endtimes will also have gold and silver relays. Users on the network can pay a premium to send their message across gold relays, in which case their messages are transmitted more quickly, but at a higher cost.

Becoming a relay is as easy as purchasing an Endtimes Bluetooth Adaptor – a hardware device that’s currently in development. You connect that adapter to your phone, run the Endtimes mobile app for iOS or Android, then start earning cryptocurrency rewards by participating in the Endtimes relay network.

End Times Offline Network Features

Some of the core advertised features of End Times Offline Network include:

  • Uses low powered radio frequencies to create a mesh network through P2P connections
  • Relays receive rewards for maintaining a copy of the Endtimes blockchain
  • Global mesh network stays up 24/7 through offline access
  • Relays and users can operate on the mobile application
  • It’s a privacy-conscious alternative to traditional blockchains
  • Offline backup system that allows users to protect their digital assets in an offline vault, then access them when needed using the Endtimes radio broadcast blockchain
  • Built-in messaging tools that allow users to remain 100% anonymous
  • Emergency solution that relies on radio waves for connectivity instead of the modern day internet
  • The network is powered by solar energy, so it remains stable and up through disaster scenarios

The Endtimes ICO

The Endtimes ICO for END tokens began on December 7, 2017. The token sale is scheduled to end on January 21.

Endtimes has set a hard cap of $15 million USD for the token sale. There’s a total supply of 500 million END tokens, with 80% of the total supply available to users through the ICO.

The remaining 20% of tokens are reserved for developers, exchanges, and future users.

The Endtimes Bluetooth Adapter

Endtimes is creating a hardware product called the Endtimes Bluetooth Adapter. That device is in the early stages of production and will be available to ship at the end of the token sale period.

There will be three versions of the adapter, including bronze, silver, and gold:


Bronze adapters will have a range of around 100 miles within a local region.


Range is extended up to 1,000 miles. If you own this deice, you’re added as a relay to the network and can begin collecting fees on external data transmissions provided to Bronze users.


Gold adapters are the most improved version, and they can reach up to 5000 miles. Users who own this adapter will collect the maximum amount from the daily fee pool.

You’ll need to purchase the Endtimes Bluetooth Adapter, then download the iOS or Android app to begin participating in the Endtimes network.

Who’s Behind the End Times Offline Network?

Endtimes is led by co-founders Aaron Berkovich and Eli Glassman. Berkovich has been developing the Endtimes mesh network for the past 5 years, and has also worked for Motorola, IBM, and Yahoo.

Endtimes is headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 2017.

End Times Offline Network Conclusion

Endtimes is one of the most unique blockchain projects we’ve reviewed. It’s an offline network that uses radio waves to ensure cryptocurrency and communication networks remain valued and usable in a state of emergency or natural disaster situation.

The platform isn’t just designed for “end time” scenarios: it’s designed for small, regional disasters and local emergencies. If the power goes down for a day or two, for example, you can still communicate with the outside world or make digital payments.

To learn more about the project, visit online today at Endtimes.io. The ICO is underway throughout December and January.

What If The Global Internet Is Down?

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